Meet AiMA, the intelligent mobility platform behind Vulog’s solutions


AiMA is fully API-Driven

Vulog’s open mobility platform enables sophisticated technological integrations to offer an end-to-end turnkey solution that is fully customizable and scalable.


AiMA is based on years of expertise

When you choose Vulog’s technology to power your service, you benefit from our 15+ years of experience that led AiMA to become the industry's most trusted shared mobility platform.


AiMA is future-ready

To stay competitive your service needs to be innovative, and that’s why AiMA has been designed to answer the future needs of mobility opening the path to AI, demand prediction, new mobility service integration and autonomous shared mobility.

Enhance the user experience

Build a loyal member base with intuitive and sticky user experience.

Offer instant registration, on-demand access, advance reservations, multi-account management, and more within one seamless white label app or website.

Have an existing app or website? Connect it via APIs for a customized user experience.

Optimize your operations

Manage your fleet operations and accelerate customer acquisition with a sophisticated management in a cost-efficient manner.

Grow with the platform that scales: AiMA allows for efficient management of multiple cities, vehicle models, and business models in one robust platform.

Take your service to the next level and unlock the future of mobility with Vulog Labs

Connect with our IoT, OEM clouds, or any other telematics

Create a truly unique and reliable customer experience with our proprietary and OEM compliant hardware.

Your vehicles already have embedded telematics? We can work with that too.

Integrate with any third party

Leverage our fully API-driven mobility platform: AiMA enables sophisticated technological integrations to offer a customizable, end-to-end solution.

Open the door to new possibilities with limitless 3rd party partners.

Fueled by the latest data insights and artificial intelligence, Vulog Labs takes your service to the next level.

Our solutions
AiMA powers each of our shared mobility solutions

End-to-end technology to power carsharing
Free-floating, scheduled booking, B2B, subscription, multimodal, etc.

End-to-end technology applied to micromobility service
Moped, e-scooter, e-bike, light electric vehicle, etc.

Full digital rental solution for an improved user experience
Rental automation, franchising, etc.

A highly cost-effective solution to get your employees on the move
Usage monitoring, fleet sharing, CSR compliance, etc.

Enhance your resource performance with the fleet operations suite
Smart operations, telematics, vendor management, etc.

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