[FleetEurope.com] Carsharing is Getting Big – and Vulog is Ready

“Over the next 12 months, carsharing will experience extraordinary growth. “We’re past the experimental phase. Large players are getting involved,” says Grégory Ducongé, CEO of Vulog – a company that is seeing its own fortunes rise with the tide.”

Vulog is to carsharing what Intel is to computing: its name may not be on the product, but it is essential for its success. And like microchip manufacturer Intel, Vulog is the global leader in its market: providing the digital infrastructure on which countless carsharing services run.

Following its capital injection last year, an expansion into North America and a recent high-profile addition to its Board of Directors, the Nice-based company is poised to maximize its benefit from the coming boom in carsharing.

“We’re noticing a lot of leads coming from the U.S. and strong interest from the car manufacturers. Neither was the case 12 months ago,” says Mr. Ducongé (pictured).

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