Join us at Autopros 2018 in Shanghai!

Come see us at the Autopros 2018 Future Mobility Innovation Conference, November 28-29th  at the Crowne Plaza in Shanghai, China!

Our Paris-based International Business Development Manager, Maria Sorokina will be packing her bags and heading east to join our China Team for the event! She will be discussing the Mobility Revolution on the Panel: The forecast of mobility ecosphere in 2030 on November 28th. Check out a description of the panel below!

November 28th | 9:10 am | Mobility Revolution
Panel: The forecast of mobility ecosphere in 2030

OEMs are transforming into mobility service providers; mergers and integrations are happening on an almost daily occurrence; a seemingly exponential amount of new technology is being launched; new forces are entering into the market; Self-owned brands are expanding … Currently, policies are not clear and enterprises from different industries are entering into mobility industry – this leads to the uncertainties and challenges of the industry. If we can foresee the 2030 market in advance, could we better cope with strong competition? Who will be washed out by the times and who will rise to the top of the industry? If we could learn the successful strategy of the future now, can we become the final victors?