Our shared mobility platform

Utilizing an industry-leading suite of products and services, launch your own free-floating, one-way or round-trip carsharing project, with or without ride-hailing integrations. Whether you opt for a turnkey solution or a bespoke platform, trust Vulog's 12 years of global experience to power the success of your shared mobility service.

Once launched, you'll join our list of elite clients who already receive dedicated project management, custom intelligence insights, and 24/7 worldwide support.

So how does it work?

We have built the market leading technology framework and business intelligence knowledge to start, operate and scale up shared mobility services that impact businesses, people, and cities. Choose your best fit solution!

Starting your mobility service from scratch? Take advantage of our end-to-end ecosystem for a turnkey service to run in full confidence. You can stay focused on operating your shared mobility service and offering beautiful mobility experiences to your customers!

If you've already got some pieces of the puzzle and want to secure reliability and profits, then trust our flexible API-driven platform to become your robust tech backbone. Now you can take your service to the next level, expand in new cities, add new languages, start scootersharing, and, why not, test innovative AV-compatible schemes.


3rd Party Integrations (APIs)

With Vulog’s API-driven platform, there’s no limit to the 3rd party partners you can integrate with. Optimize and diversify your service with the likes of automatic parking payments, outsourced fleet management tools, ridehail integrations, and so much more

Advanced Back Office

Optimize your spend, manage your fleet and accelerate customer acquisition with a sophisticated management platform to secure the profitability of your carsharing service. Full scalability allows for efficient management of multiple cities, vehicle models, and business models in one robust platform.

Grow: AI & Data Science

Take advantage of Vulog's years of experience via our pre-built mobility analysis reports. Or, work with Vulog's on-hand BI team to generate custom insights as unique as your service. You can also export data to your own BI tools, if interested.

In-Vehicle Technology

Vulog’s proprietary hardware is designed with reliability and simplified deployment in mind, and with our various in-vehicle hardware accessories, you can create a truly unique carsharing member experience. Vehicles already have embedded tech? We can work with that, too.

Front Office (Apps & Website)

Build a loyal member base with an intuitive and sticky user experience. Offer instant registration, on-demand access and advance reservations, multi-account management, and so much more within one seamless application and/or website. Have an existing app or website? Connect it via APIs for a customized user experience.

Power Your Service


Learn: Mobility Workshops

Like mobility, business knowledge is meant to be shared. Train your team to become a successful shared mobility operator without wasting precious time. We provide one-on-one workshops to help our clients build carsharing and scootersharing businesses that work. First, choose your course:

Strategy & Markets

Customer Experience & Service Design

Operate & Optimize Costs

Maximize Results & Scale Up!

Then our team will customize the workshop to fit your specific needs and timeframe.


Grow: AI & Data Science

Our 50+ mobility analysis dashboards, as well as our team of Artificial Intelligence experts and data scientists, are here to help your business grow and scale up. Understand your customers' habits, analyze demand across multiple spectrums, investigate operations, track and optimize revenues - from daily reports to yearly summaries, the information is at your fingertips.


Share: Zoom Mobility

Whether it be launch announcements, new research, or expert insights, there's always a lot happening in the business of shared mobility. Take advantage of Vulog’s free content platform, Zoom, to stay up to date on the latest industry happenings. Consider yourself a mobility expert? Have your voice heard by contributing a thought leadership article.

Expect the Best

From launch to longevity, we’re with you every step of the way. Our clients depend on us throughout the launch process for innovation, business intelligence, service design, custom user test, onsite training, and much more. Beyond the launch, you can expect ongoing support from your account manager, Vulog's SLA certified support, our 24/7 client hotline and our global team to answer any operational questions, provide improvements, and data science.

Your technology platform should be an ever-changing enabler, not a static one-time purchase. We continuously release new features to help our clients excel in a dynamic industry.