[PR] Vulog Introduces Big Data Analytics for Carsharing

Detroit, MI – June 8, 2017 – Vulog Carsharing Technologies, the world-leading provider of one-way carsharing technology, today announced the incorporation of advanced analytics into their offering to enable improved strategic decision-making. The product comprises 50+ dashboards to further improve customer success and profitability.

The relatively new field of carsharing has undergone rapid growth in recent years. Analytics, now an integral component of Vulog’s carsharing solution, enables operators to gain greater insights on end-users’ habits, which are constantly evolving. In addition to data, Vulog provides actionable information to carsharing operators, empowering them to target new customers and improve their daily operations, and thereby helping them strategize for long term profitability and growth.

This is another step towards a better understanding of the mobility industry. Analytics lay the foundation for future services as the automotive market becomes more innovative, and prepares for the next big thing – autonomous vehicles and robo-taxis.


Illustration of a demand analysis map for fleet balancing

More than just data

Using Vulog’s solution, operators can improve their services in the following ways:

Customer Segmentation: by categorizing customers, operators are able to identify their true end-users, from daily commuters to customers only using free-minutes offered by the operator.

Supply vs Demand Analysis: in essence, cars need to always be where the demand is. Vulog’s solution enables operators to draw trends from various locations, across multiple time periods, in a given city to enable repositioning of a fleet, thus maximizing revenues.

Fleet Maintenance and Customer Service: the key to an operator’s success is the optimization of fleet maintenance and service. Having tools to analyze these cost centers can make the difference between a profitable service and a non-profitable one.

“We see this as a first step towards preparing for the age of autonomous vehicles,” said Grégory Duconge, CEO of Vulog. “Understanding user behavior and needs will ultimately allow our clients to make smarter and more targeted decisions aimed at growth and profitability.”