Launch of the largest carsharing service in Poland, powered by Vulog

PARIS, France – July 10th, 2017 – Vulog is proud to power Panek Carshare, the largest carsharing service in Poland with 300 Yaris hybrids.

On July 9th, Panek launched their new free-floating carsharing service in Poland using hybrid vehicles. In just two clicks, Warsaw residents are able to book and unlock one of the 300 Toyota Yaris throughout the city.

This impressive fleet and the intuitive user experience will allow Panek to influence how people move: giving more freedom and more flexibility to go from point A to point B. Panek, having established itself as one of the leading car rental companies in Poland, is now poised to become a pioneer of the new mobility industry.

To promote the service, Panek broke a Guinness World Record Sunday, July 9th, by driving more than 333 hybrid vehicles at the same time.

Panek Carshare Smartphone application screenshot

Panek Carshare smartphone application

For this service, Vulog is providing its end-to-end technology solution – consisting of Smartphone Apps, In-Car Technology and a Back End to operate the service.  Vulog, with clients around the world, is leading the shared mobility revolution. Clients and partners include PSA in Madrid with emov, Evo Car Share in Vancouver, Mevo in New Zealand and GreenMobility in Copenhagen, among others.

“We believe that Warsaw will be an incredible city for free-floating carsharing,” said Greg Ducongé, CEO of Vulog.  “We are very proud to support Panek Carshare, and we firmly believe they will become one of the leading new mobility operators in the region.”