[Press Release] Vulog announces Open Mobility Platform for Aspiring Operators

PARIS, France - December 1, 2017 – Vulog, the world leader in shared mobility technology, used this week’s AutoMobility LA trade show to announce a product focused on fostering growth of new mobility operators. In a midday press conference to 100+ industry experts, Alex Thibault (General Manager, Vulog North America) announced the company’s Open Mobility Platform. As an evolution from Vulog’s current product offering, this platform allows mobility operators to launch a free-floating, round-trip, or one-way mobility service with the flexibility to select various hardware and software configurations, whether built by Vulog or a third party. Operators can also directly integrate third party support services onto the platform, such as external parking networks, preventative maintenance providers, ride-hail driver networks, and many more.

Mobility platform providers have historically hosted ‘closed platforms’, in which a proprietary technology package is available to mobility operators upon launch. Unless shifting to a completely new technology suite, the operator is locked into said ecosystem.  Vulog aims to give operators the flexibility to mix and match various elements of their shared mobility service, all connected via the Open Mobility Platform and a host of supporting APIs. The flexible elements in question include in-vehicle telematics hardware, customer-facing applications and websites, business intelligence suites, and pre-existing CRM tools – all can be acquired from Vulog or sourced from third party sources. Additionally, with integrations of external support services, Vulog aims to set a standard in communication across the mobility industry and foster communal growth.

“We are thrilled to officially bring this product to market today,” says Thibault. “We are seeing such rapid development in the shared mobility industry, and we recognize that operators want to enter the market quickly. That said, they are concerned with being tied down to one solution for the long-term. This Open Platform will allow an operator to launch a service in as little as three months with our turnkey product mix, while providing them the flexibility down the road to innovate internally and build their own products on top of our platform.”

Intent on breaking down barriers to market entry for aspiring operators, Vulog also announced their new Mobility Launch Service. Structured as a series of workshops, the company aims to bolster demand for the Open Mobility Platform by educating and guiding potential clients through the complex shared mobility industry. Vulog’s in-person workshops are designed to guide an operator from the initial planning stages of a mobility service, through to launch and service optimization. Vulog’s staff pull from a breadth of industry experience to create customized content for each partner, ensuring that workshops are relevant across any geography and business model.

“We expect to see immense end-customer growth in the shared mobility industry over the next 5-10 years,” says Thibault. “That demand will not be completely fulfilled by players currently in the industry. We are seeing OEMs, car rental companies, distributors, insurance companies, startups and even oil and gas companies coming into the space. There is room for new entrants, and we expect our workshops and thought-provoking content will help simplify the launch process for many aspiring companies.”

With 14 current free-floating cities worldwide and partners on four continents, Vulog has its eye on global expansion with the help of the Open Mobility Platform and Mobility Launch Service. After raising $20M in Series B funding two months ago, the company is in the midst of hiring developers and business development teams to support this worldwide client demand.


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