[Press Release] One of the largest Volkswagen Group importers in Europe – D'Ieteren – launches new carsharing project, powered by Vulog

ANTWERP, Belgium, Jan. 18, 2018 - And another one! The D’Ieteren group, among the largest Volkswagen importers and distributors in Europe, has launched its Anvers, Belgium-based mobility service in partnership with Vulog, the world leader in shared mobility technologies. This project goes by the name of Poppy!

With a fleet of 350 vehicles – 200 Volkswagen e-golfs and 150 Audi A3 g-trons – the vehicles are deployed on a free-floating basis, allowing for instant access and no need to drop them off at any fixed location. Poppy users are able to locate and open vehicles with just a few taps via their smartphone, and have their trip billed by the minute.

As Poppy co-founder and CEO, Alexander Van Laer, explains, “These days, nearly everyone has their own car, but most of the population doesn’t use it every day. Through Poppy, we give users the possibility of choosing a car based on their need at a particular moment. It’s not just easier, it’s much more economical and respectful of the environment.”

Vulog provides a SaaS platform that includes all the services essential to a shared mobility project, whether the project utilizes cars or scooters. Currently, Vulog technology solutions manage more than 10 million carsharing trips each year, and make up the technological heart of many mobility services. Clients include Evo in Vancouver (the largest independent operator in North America, with 1,250 vehicles), emov in Madrid (600 electric vehicles operated by PSA and Eysa with more than 150,000 users), GreenMobility in Copenhagen (450 electric vehicles), as well as numerous other services in Europe, North America, South America and Oceania.

“We’re very proud to be working alongside the D’Ieteren group on this new project in Belgium. Given their local facilities and expertise, auto distributors have a key role to play in structuring new shared mobility services, thus making way for the future. Operating such a service today will be a real asset tomorrow when it comes to managing a shared autonomous fleet,” explains Vulog CEO, Grégory Ducongé.

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Kristopher Luey