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Vulog intègre à sa plate-forme les vélos électriques de Zoov

24 Jul 2020

Vulog will power Hyundai’s new LA car-sharing service

19 Jul 2020

Vulog and Citymapper collaborate to increase shared mobility options

12 Feb 2020

The brains behind shared-mobility services

27 Nov 2019

Hyundai a choisi le niçois Vulog pour fournir le centre nerveux informatique du système d'autopartage qu'il va lancer à Los Angeles

19 Nov 2019

Fast-growing supplier Vulog offers products and services to help companies launch car-sharing or short-term rental businesses

26 Mar 2019

Vulog Is the Biggest Car-Sharing Company You've Never Heard Of

28 Jan 2019

Vulog Shares Q4 Carsharing Expansion Plans

27 Nov 2018

Carsharing is Getting Big – and Vulog is Ready

06 Nov 2018

Vulog sees "the opportunity to make Paris the world reference for carsharing"

26 Jun 2018

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