Vehicles on-demand. It's that simple.

Getting Started

Offer users monthly subscriptions, no strings attached!

Flexible Business Model

Customize your user's subscription plan

Users subscribe to a car for a designated amount of time


Users subscribe to the car of their choice on a month-to-month basis


Users subscribe and swap out vehicles periodically as they wish

Diverse Target Segment

Adapt your service to your target audience

Offer local businesses and their employees exclusive deals.


Address consumers and local communities directly.

Competitive Advantage

Time to subscribe to the idea that new mobility is transforming the automotive industry thanks to Vulog’s best-in-class technology - don’t get left behind!


...of the curve! Don’t just adopt new technological advances. Stay on the cutting edge by offering vehicles on-demand.


Car isn't running? Put idle assets to work for you thanks to a subscription’s simple, low-touch business model.


...all year round! Allow users to renew subscriptions to their favorites as long as they want, based on their needs.


15+ years of experience means we’ve mastered the best practices that will help you grow your business.

Product Highlights

Whether you’re looking to launch a new service or integrate subscription offers into your current service, Vulog’s best-in-class technology helps you achieve and exceed your business objectives.


Revolutionize vehicle ownership

  • Fully digital user experience featuring simplified and automated customer on-boarding, intuitive booking method, and e-consent process.
  • Customize Vulog’s white-label app OR use our APIs to build your own web app or integrate our technology into your existing app.
  • Increase customer loyalty with VIP services, free trials, and a flexible pricing module.


Minimize risks to ensure your assets stay safe at all times

  • Keep your vehicle safe at all times thanks to real-time vehicle monitoring, geolocalization, remote digital control, and vehicle immobilization
  • Safe and reliable recurring payment process
  • Ensure efficiency with dynamic damage reporting as well as automated customer onboarding and assessment processes


Maximize profits and expand your business horizons

  • Go multi-service: combine multiple services adding carsharing, car rental, etc.
  • Go big or go home by scaling your service with multi-market and franchise tools
  • Take advantage of Vulog’s state of the art “Fleet Operations Suite” to automate maintenance and concierge tasks

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